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Binding, Lamination, Folding, Cutting & Dye Cutting

Jiffy Photo & Print offers a wide array of finishing options and services including binding and lamination along with folding, cutting and dye cutting.


We offer the following Binding Styles

Spiral Binding

Spiral BindingThe book is punched with a series of small holes on the left. A coil binding then is screwed into those holes from one end of the book to the other. The binding allows the printed document to lie flat and to double over. Spiral coils range from 1/4 inch to 2 inches in diameter and can bind books of many different sizes.

Cerlox Binding

Cerlox (Plastic Comb)Cerlox or plastic combs can be used for books up to 3 inches thick. The style allows the pages to lie flat when open, and you can easily add or subtract pages.


Wire-O Binding

Wire-OThis binding holds the pages of the book in place by a double-loop wire inserted through holes on the left edge. It does not spiral through the book rather it creates a wire comb. The pages lay flat when opened and can rotate 360 degree. Wire-O bindings are durable, but do not permit printing on the spine.

Saddle Stitched Binding

Binding Saddle

The pages are folded and inserted into a folded cover, then stapled through the fold along the spine. This style is suitable for both self-covered books (where the cover stock, or paper, is the same as the text), and books with separate covers. Generally the maximum number of pages is 64 (depending on weight and bulk of the paper used, this number may vary).


Side Stitch (Side Stapled) Binding

Side StitchThe pages are cut all the same size and stacked, then staples are inserted down the side of one edge of the book’s front, 2 to 3 times depending on thickness and paper weight. The result is a sturdy binding, however the book will not lie flat when opened. This binding style is generally less expressive than other styles.



Perfect Binding

Perfect BindingThe most common style used for binding commercially produced paperback books. With this method, glue is applied to the left edges of the pages, and the cover is glued to the page block.  This style of binding we do not do in house, typical turn around time is a week however rush service is available.


We have two Laminators in store to laminate your job with.  A 12″ x 18″ pouch style laminator and a 27″ wide roll laminator.  Both of the laminators can handle 3 or 5 mil laminate in both Glossy and Matte finish.  The 12″ pouch laminate also handles 10 mil laminate which is only available in gloss.

We also have a number of suppliers in the Ottawa area we can turn to if the piece you want laminated is too big for us to handle.

3 Mil Laminate is basically just a thin protection for your piece it will keep it from getting torn and protect it from moisture if you seal it with a lip.  It will not add much stiffness to the finished piece and it can be folded.

5 Mil Laminate is slightly thicker than the 3 Mil.  You can still roll up the finished product but it would be difficult to fold.

10 Mil Laminate is only available in a gloss finish and the maximum size we can do in store is 11 x 17 however 10 Mil is also available in larger size through one of our suppliers.  It is very stiff you can not easily roll this product, if laminating a thick card stock on this laminate the finished product is stiff enough to stand on a counter with an easel back on it without the corners curling over.

In addition to traditional two sided lamination we also offer a variety of mounting and laminating options.  While we don’t offer most of these services in-store we have local suppliers who can turn mounting around as fast as the following business day (typical not rush turn around is 1 week).  Mounting can be done on the following substrates and styles:

Medite Mount – Flush Mount – Float Mount

Medite Mount - Plaque CornerPlaque Edge ColorMedite Mounting is the most common type of wood mounting.  The image is mounted and laminated on a 3/8″ wood board which is then finished with your choice of edge colour (subject to change).

Flush, Plaque, Float Mounts  Also available are flush mounts which sit tight to the wall and Float mounts which appear to be ‘floating’ off the wall.





There are numerous other substrates on which images or printed pieces can be mounted.  The most common are:

Foam Core – light weight but the edges damage easily so it is usually put intoMounting substrates something for protection also it is not meant to be hung up as is.

Gator Board – Light weight but a higher density than foam core, more resistant to damage and can be hung on the wall as is.

Masonite – a thin but high density wood board typically inserted into a frame after mounting as it is not a finished product and can not be hung as is.

Sintra – a high density plastic board ideal for outdoor use, it is available in various thicknesses an can be glued, screwed or nailed on to a wall or sign frame.


While several of our printers offer folding in-line (at the time the job is printed) we also have a folding machine capable of handling sheets up to 11 x 17″ and doing half, tri-fold, double parallel and gate folds which are illustrated in the following diagram.Folding Styles




CuttingEba Cutter and Trimmer

Cutting your job is one of the most important elements of the print job, accuracy is important to ensure everything looks right when it’s done.  Our new EBA cutter is fully programmable and adjustable to the fraction of a inch.  Our experienced operators will make sure your job turns out right every time.


Dye Cutting

Dye Cutting allows us to take an ordinary piece of paper and cut it into an irregular shape.   Dye Cutting can add that special touch to your job.  Typically pricing will start at $80 (and up depending on the size) to make a dye which can be used again and again + $30 (and up depending on the quantity) for the actual dye cutting process.  Dye cutting is not typically used for short runs however there are now some alternatives depending on the type of cut and quantity you require.  Feel free to contact us for more information.


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