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Scanning Services

Scanning or transferring your images to a digital format is a great way to preserve those images and memories.  Prints, Slides, Negatives and Videos degrade with time, the images fade and the quality deteriorates.  Once something is scanned that aging process is halted, and sometimes images can be restored as part of the scanning process.  Additionally once your images are scanned you can easily keep multiple backups in multiple locations (including cloud storage) which will protect your memories in case of fire or any other types of disasters.

It should be noted that while digital image don’t degrade the media they are stored on can.  CD’s and DVD’s will deteriorate with time, it is generally accepted that a CD or DVD will last at least 10 years however you should keep in mind that at some point those images should be copied on to new disks.

Another important consideration with digital media is to keep up with the technology.  Since things change so quickly these days in 10 years from now CD’s will probably not be used any more and you may have a hard time finding someone who can read the data off a CD (try and find someone who can read a 5.25″ floppy disk in 2013).  In order to keep your images accessible you should periodically  transfer them to a newer storage media.

Jiffy Photo and Print we scan:

  • Scanning Negatives Negatives – 35 mm & APS both in roll from and in cut negatives
  • Negatives – Larger 120, 620, 4×5 and other formats
  • Slides to Digital Slides 35mm and other formats
  • Photo Scanning Photos or pretty much anything on paper up to 11 x 17″
  • Documents (one page up to books) either as images or character recognized documents you can search and edit.

We also offer Video transfer services for most formats of film and video tape.

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